These images were made while in the southwest and west of Ireland over a period of 9 days in September 2012. The entire region is extremely photogenic, every turn revealing another scene to be explored. I could easily have spent all of each day photographing at a single location. But it's best to experience the variety of Ireland's stunning beauty by spending part of every day traveling through it. From breathtaking landscape vistas to harborside scenes of early morning tranquility, there's a wealth of beauty (even magic) in Ireland that's a little hard to imagine.

In the images here, I've tried to reveal some of the feel of the region, though such an effort must always fall a bit short in a place like Ireland. But try, if you can, to experience a bit of the quiet, the peace, the simple beauty and wonder in the places seen here. If you can catch a whiff of that, these images were well worth my effort in making them.
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