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These various images are landscape studies, one of my favorite areas of photography. Though I photograph many kinds of subjects, I'm always drawn back to landscapes.

Stylistically, most of my landscapes are made using a sort of painterly approach to composition and scope, much influenced by 19th century landscape painters in Europe and the United States. In many instances I attempt to reveal the majesty and expansive dimension of the places photographed, while other of my landscapes have narrower scope, seeking the quiet intimacy of nearer scenes. The variety of challenge in this appeals to me.

Through specific photographic technique in the field and later in post processing with the computer (digital darkroom) I've tried to achieve a consistency of style. My intent is to bring a vision of airy openness and clarity to all the work. Through experience I've gradually refined the artistic use of various techniques in combination to create the moods and looks of these images.

I have a life long appreciation of dusk and dawn skies, so many of these landscape images are shot just after sunset or just before sunrise. I find that these moments creates moods unlike any others.
Playas Del CocoFlameBelfast MorningFour BrothersGuiding LightAfter The StormSunset on Salmon BrookConvergenceEarly LightAutumn Creeps InPaintbrushesPacific TwilightMushroomsAnglesSunset RelectionsPink and BlueWhen Deep Purple FallsEarly Morning, Rockport, Maine.