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This gallery holds an eclectic collection of images I have made of things, mostly man-made, but with organic influence as well.

Among the images are still life studies, my own take on 19th century still life master works. To that time honored style I have introduced subtle modern aspects of geometric shape, line, and pattern to layer abstract elements into the scenes.

Also seen are images of the piano. The piano is a beautiful instrument composed of a wealth of individual parts joined in complex sets to form an elaborate and beautiful whole. The instrument presents the photographer with many abstract possibilities, some of which I explore in the piano images here.

A range of other subjects are presented. From the literal objects like classic cars, to the fanciful, such as carousel horses. There are no strick criteria for images found in this collection beyond the fact that their aesthetic beauty appeals to my artistic sense. I very much enjoy the challenge of finding sublime aspects in common objects, and I hope you enjoy the variety!
RedTulips & TeapotsApplesHigh KeyWire and WoodTea TimeNoelMcClaren F1Classic DreamHarp and PlateWild EyedWild HorsesPerspective On The Workingman's GrandBackstairCrystal