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I have always been in awe of the vast landscapes of the American West with their grand scale and variety of vista, from jagged mountains to vast deserts. Each climate offers endless variety of color, shape, texture and mood.

The feeling of measureless dimension and space one feels when standing before such vistas does not transfer literally to the two dimensional medium of a photographic image. Yet the example of great artists such as Ansel Adams and a host of others have shown us ways to represent (and see) aspects of these awesome landscapes that can blow minds in 2D. I'll not to approach the artistic acheivement of an Ansel Adams of course, but the work of such great masters feeds us such inspiration!

I have only just begun my photographic exploration of these regions in the last few years and I don't expect to ever complete it, but I'm much looking forward to more attempts.
TetonsWyoming SkyBendsOut To PastureDay Is DoneStripesFirst LightTeton MorningTeton RangeTeton MorningEarly Snow On The Teton RangeMoose and Tetons