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The images seen here were made in Italy's Tuscany region in September of 2014. The area is famous for its rustic hill towns, beautiful seaside villages, gorgeous rural landscapes, and astonishing medieval architecture. The evening light is often a very warm and beautiful shade of gold, a true photographer's "Golden Hour". Landscapes worthy of photographing are literally everywhere; a photographer's dream location.

I made an abundance of images on this trip and it was tough paring the numbers down to something that could be reasonably displayed here. There may still be a few too many for some viewers, but I just couldn't cut further. So come with me to a land of warmth and ancient beauty, Tuscany.

Special thanks to the many wonderful Italian people I met while there. A warm, relaxed, expressive, artistic, passionate, and kind people. Ciao!
Florence, ItalyRiver Arno at SunsetRiver Arno at Sunset #2Bicycles at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del FioreCathedral of Santa Maria del FioreCathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore #2Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (aka the Duomo)Seaside LifeBoats AshoreDay's EndSeaside EveningRed At MorningStairTrain TunnelProtected HarborFeline ReposeSafe HarborQuiet EveningRocky ShoreTrain Time