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Any landscape photographer dreams of shooting in Iceland, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit. The Icelandic landscape is a little other-worldly and at times appears to have been stolen from another planet. On my visit in June the weather was not often sunny, but it's unsettled nature seemed to fit the wild environs. Skies heavy with split clouds provided a constantly changing light field. Sunset in late June literally lasts for hours while the sun very slowly disappears behind northern mountains, at around 10:45 PM. It never really gets dark and the sun rises a few hours later near where it set, at around 2:30 AM.

The images on this trip were made during several days of driving along the south coast. The interior highlands of the country are quite rough and without paved roads, and travel in conventional vehicles there is much discouraged. Since there were far more scenes on the south coast than I could ever hope to photograph, these images are mostly form that region. I was however, able to shoot some of the interior highlands while on a one day "Super Jeep" tour and have included a few of those images here as well.

I have cropped many of the images seen here in widescreen "letterbox" format, that is, wide and not so tall. This gives a cinematic look that seems fitting for many of these broad scenics. So expand your browser to full screen, and enjoy the views.
Far FlungCoastal PlainMountains and GlaciersBay ViewAdriftLast VestageFallingIcelandic HorsesCarvingsChurch On The HillWedgesWindSteadfastWater's MemorySea MistView From The HeightsWide OpenEast Meets WestLandmannalaugarEvening Grazing